One of the many views from Kara Kul

One of many views from Kara Kul

Going to Kara Kul, a lake in between Tashkurgan and Kashgar where it’s close to Tajikistan, is a bit tricky, because no public transport will stop there, if you do get off there, you can’t get back on a public transport, you’ll have to hitchhike to leave this place.

I was warned by my lift, saying there’s not much to offer in Kara Kul, spending a night there maybe too much. He said there was a girl hitchhiked his ride to Kara Kul planning to spend a night there, but just when he return from the toilet after dropping her, she’s back in the car already.

But I was so glad that I spend a night in a nomad’s stone house next to the lake, not only the experience was interesting, which also gave me lots of time to browse around the lake leisurely.

The yaks, the sheep, and some horses dotted around the marshy grassland; in this time of the year the frozen marsh made it accessible and it gave many different compositions to two over 7000m mountains on either side.

The pureness under my feet, the tranquility in the air, then the smoke from nomad houses chimney give you a hint of human warmth, it’s the most beautiful place I’ve seen in China so far. Since Kashgar, China has been constantly blanketed by a haze of pollution.

The is one of the many views of Muztagh Ata 7546m, from the Kara Kul marsh.

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