A mail from Kullu Valley

A mail from Kullu Valley

Recently I’ve got a friend who runs a very successful guesthouse and restaurant in Manali asks me if I want to be his chef in the Summer of 2014. I don’t know, though it excites me just to think of working in a commercial kitchen and I would introduce new dishes to their menu, but half a year is too long and how would I know what I’ll want to do in 2014!

This brought back the memory of this old lady’s smile. The last time I was in Manali I walked to this village twice, where Kullu Valley people lives in square mushroom houses with tiny little doors and windows. They were having this little festival with religious ceremony, boys danced hands in hands, and chopped the head of a sheep one-off.

Everyone in the village was there, amongst them I saw this old lady, when I saw her smile, I immediately pictured her with the same smile when she was 16.

I think if I ever go back to Manali, as a chef or not, I shall visit this village ever more and I should present this lady her portrait.


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