Like a grandpa


Cheap kitchen tools, deformed Barbie dolls, tacky fortune telling robot, pekora and jalebi, that’s Indian fun fair, they call it Mela. There was a Mela to celebrate the end of monsoon season in McLeod Gang, where I was volunteering as well as a lot of Tibetan refugees lives there, apparently because Dalia Lama is living there too. It’s a very small town, so a Mela gave me and my volunteer friends a few good days of excitement.

A Mela won’t be complete without rides, and that pirate boat ride must be the most hair raising, actually dangerous, ride I’ve ever went for, like my boat mate Cindy commended on that pirate boat ride, as made of rubber bands, shoe laces and chewing gum.

Opposite is a merry-go-round horses, they looked like capybaras to me though. It’s totally manual controlled by this old man, you sit on that, he pushes you to go, he slows it down for you to get off, isn’t it like a grandpa playing with his grand children? Children loved it, it’s primitive, but it has an extra bit of human touch to it, maybe I’m just too sentimental.

When it was raining or getting dark, business became quiet, unlike a controller would sit inside his booth and texting on phone, this old man stood quietly with his rusty horses, waited and looked into the blank amongst this festive lights and sound, a bit sad, but once again, maybe I’m just too sentimental.

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