Up close of losing and winning (dying and surviving)


I said to myself, I gotta revisit the cockpit in Manila, few years ago I was blown away by how big, established and fascinating it was, and the emergency ward for injured cocks was eye opening.

This year I went back to Manila I just happened to miss out the most popular Libertad cockpit in Philippines, since then I was looking out for cock fight every Sunday in my Philippines trip, cause this is what they do on Sunday.

I ended up in the Square Garden Cock Fight Arena in Zamboanga City, Mindanao, the emergency ward was not as intense as the one in Manila, but I ran into someone whom I met from the local NGO, obviously he was a regular cock trainer, cause he knows everyone that work in the arena.

The Derby Cup was on, and I was surprised to be invited into the cockpit to take pictures, where locals can’t get in there unless you’re a cock trainer, this is a dangerous place since blades on the chicken feet are super sharp, and you just don’t know where they’ll jump to.

It was brutal, and even more intense when I was amongst the action, the fight for live or dead is right in front of my feet, gamblers were raving for their winning or losing.

Being the only foreigner always give me advantage of getting closer, though I still don’t know how the betting works, anyway I already gained more than the cost of 50 pesos entrance.

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