The Sacred Falls


Yubeng is the new Tiger Leaping Gorge in Northern Yunnan, China, many trekkers come here to get a closer look at Kawa Karpo, at 6740m, the highest peak of the mountain range that separate Tibet and Yunnan. For Tibetans, they don’t come here for the scenery, nor they are keen on mountain climbing, but they are here for the Sacred Falls, which its water comes from the ice below Kawa Karpo and it’s considered holy for them.

I ran into this Tibetan family of three generations on the way to the falls, they just walked 5 hours across the mountain to Yubeng (which I spent 7.5 hours the previous day), then immediately came to the Sacred Falls. The 80 years old grandma, who initiated this trip, perhaps a bit tired, was quiet and bland, until her prayer was made under the falls, she smiled so big that showed her dentures.

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