Tear of a homeless New Yorker

IMG_9339I met Keith in the New York South Ferry Terminal, the 45 years old man who came from Staten Island told me there’s nothing in Staten Island, including opportunity, that’s why he came to Manhattan for jobs. He pointed to the construction site next to the ferry terminal, which used to be an awesome fish market, he sighed about how Manhattan is losing its originality.

Many jobs he tried over the years, including go go dancer, and he’s still proud of his muscular figure.

Recently he became homeless cause his woman kicked him out, but the day I met him came a good news, that he just got a job that sells city tour to tourists on the street. March of 2015 was still very cold and windy in New York, that makes working outdoor pretty tough, I said “nothing comes easy, you gotta work for it hey.” Keith looking at the cold and cloudy Manhattan outside, nodding his head in agreement, replied “yes Sir yes Sir.”

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