Texolo Duo

IMG_5577The path going down the cliff to view Texolo Falls, at the entrance says please pay 5 pesos each formaintenance of the path, but there was no one collecting money. Later I saw these father and son couple fixing some steps with wood, then I handed them 5 pesos.

The whole path was securely constructed with wood and bamboo, no frills but blend in well with the nature. 5 pesos entrance is definitely cheap, same as using a public toilet in Mexico. Señor told me next year they are going to extend the path to the other side of the valley for different angle of the falls.


For such hard work with little income from the entrance, so I asked if the government subsidizes the construction. They said no, it’s actually their own land, and he thinks turning it into an official touristy spot doesn’t benefit visitor nor them, cause ticket will be much higher but much money will goes to administration and paper work, besides corruption.

Sometimes people comes from low income family or has difficulty to pay they will waive their entrance, on the other hand some visitors will put down more than they should, señor thinks it’s better stay that way, it’s all about trust, about humanity.

Texolo Falls is more beautiful than what your eyes can see.

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